L.A Hair “Divas Divided” Episode Recap – Anthony And China Battle It Out

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Anthony and China Battle It Out S1 E3 June 21 2012

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This episode kicks off with Kim Kimble and Angela meeting up to hash out the drama that stemmed from Angela styling Eve‘s hair behind Kim’s back.  Angela expresses she has nothing to hide and that the only reason she did her hair in the first place is because she’s just trying to build up her clientele.  In other words, she has no reason to be sneaky.  Kim lets it be known that the salon has rules that must be followed if you want to work there and rule number 1?  All clients must be booked through the salon!  She also questions that if Angela had no ill intentions, why didn’t she say anything about it to her?  Kim wonders about Angela’s loyalty and believes she had a plan from the moment she began working at Kimble Hair Studio and that was to use Kim’s connections to take her career to the next level but at the end of it all, Kim decides to give Angela one more chance to prove herself.  Let’s see how this goes.

Back at the salon, Jasmine and Terry come up with a plan to try to hook Kim up with a man! See, the problem is they think she’s all business, which is great, but she needs to get a little something,something going on outside of the shop, if you know what I mean!

Anthony seems to be doing a good job in his new role as receptionist but he makes a fatal mistake when he doesn’t know which client is there for the new stylist, China, so she digs into him about what he needs to do as a receptionist and how.  Anthony’s response?  ”Honey, did you not know that I’m not a receptionist?!”  As those two battle it out, Kim comes to the front desk to smooth over the heated discussion and explains that Anthony is just filling in as receptionist but she later thanks China for calling him out.

Angela returns from her suspension is surprised to see China whipping up hair at her station.  Not interested in taking Dontay‘s currently vacant station, Angela tells China (with a smile) “I’m back now” so move your stuff!  China’s not having it and tells Angela she’ll think about moving her things but it’s not happening at the moment.  Kim likes China and how she’s stirring things up so there will likely be more China vs. Anthony/Angela/Terry to come.

Shari Headley, fresh off a drastic haircut from Kim, runs to the salon with a hair emergency because she needs to re-shoot scenes from a movie she just finished.  The problem is, her hair was long in the movie and needs to be long again in just a few hours!  So they run to the weave factory, Extensions Plus, to have a wig unit created for her.  With just 30 minutes left, they make it back to the salon so Kim can work her magic to put the final touches and recreate a hairstyle she didn’t create in the first place. Kim’s work is truly amazing and a very happy Shari can finally go to her meeting and handle her business.

Jas interviews potential mates for Kim at Sky’s Tacos with Terry but it is Jas who is actually putting the guys through the ringer to find the best match for her daughter.  She questions the guys about STD’s, criminal history, occupation, and sex life.  One of the guys, Tony, seems taken aback by her questions but Frank, guy #2, takes it all in stride.

Terry tricks Kim into meeting up with him over dinner to discuss “projects” but he really just wants her to meet Frank!  She’s surely shocked when Frank walks in but is all smiles while talking with Mr. Dark Chocolate as Terry and Jas spy from the bar.  She starts telling him about her profession as a hairstylist and the things she likes most and he’s just throwing compliments her way from all directions plus she likes his teeth.  Frank tells her about Jas’ interrogation but they laugh it off.  Jas wants a better view of what’s going on so her and Terry make their way over to Kim’s table to call it a night.  It’s time for Kim to go but  not before getting a very warm hug from Frank to which Kim lets it be known she would definitely go on another date with him.

Everyone is busy doing hair at the salon except for Kim who is away on a house call.  China is upset that Anthony is sitting in the back with the stylists instead of manning the front desk so she tells him to do her client’s hair since he acts like that’s what he would rather be doing.  After throwing some slick comments his way, Anthony questions whether Kim found her off of Craigslist but she lets him know that no, they found her in his mother’s backyard.  There goes the mama jokes!  Anthony jumps back in and starts criticizing the relaxer China just did, or did not do, for a client while Angela and Terry look on and don’t want to get involved.  He even tells the client she got tricked and not to pay her!  Between the jabs, China takes a look at the client’s hair and seemingly agrees that she could have done a better job.  I guess Anthony does know his stuff!

Anthony confides in Angela that he hates working the front desk and wants to do hair plus he’s tired of dealing with China and her comments.  He goes back to China’s station to set the record straight – he has a Cosmetology license, is a hairstylist, and thinks she’s disrespectful.  For some strange reason, China is actually surprised that he feels as though she bosses him around and demands an example of what he’s claiming.  Seriously, does she not hear the things that she says to him!?  Feeling less than a person when it comes to China, he asks her if she knows his name and she really doesn’t seem to.  So he says to Terry and Angela, “this bitch doesn’t even know my name” which sets it off and turns the discussion into a screaming match, all in front of clients who just want to get their hair done.  Terry steps in and tells them to take that mess out the salon and from in front of the clients – one of which even offers to read them a scripture.  Realizing he went a bit far with the “bitch” comment, Anthony apologizes and asks China if she’s willing to try to work it out to which China says nothing.  Awkward silence fills the salon and Anthony goes on his way.

The team, including Kim and Dontay, meet at Tart to discuss the week’s happenings and Anthony finds out he is going to be stuck at the front desk just a little longer.  Tsk, tsk.  With Dontay busy on other projects, China is officially brought in and everyone Kim just looks so happy and thinks China will be a great addition to the salon.  Uh, yeah…

Next episode features Kim doing a photo shoot with  Mikki Taylor, Essence magazine beauty editor.  Anthony double booked China but she already has a client in the chair and China gets angry at Terry for speaking to one of her clients.


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